Blank-et, hot chocolate, a good novel and a WARM IMAGINATION —
"Thou shall not is soon forgotten, but Once upon a time lasts forever."

This is a graphic project for a friend’s pickguard on his awesome Gibson Epiphone Thunderbird bass!

NAGO HI from sarablank on Vimeo.

Nago Hi is an interaction design solution to a one week workshop at CIID.
Following our Lecturers David and Mary Sherwin directions, we developed a tool to bring the “hygge” (the danish concept of serendipity and coziness in everyday life) to the rest of the world.
Our group focused on the Japanese culture.
We designed an App that allows friends to secretly share burning issues and than share memories on that subject, in order to be able of discussing about bad things without lowering the hygge spirit during a common pleasant situation like a home night with your best friends.
Shared memories can be printed out with our Nago Hi printer on a special paper, and be burned away as in a sacred ritual.
The name “Nago Hi” is a combination of two words, “nagomu” that is the correct japanese translation of “hygge”, and “hi” that means “flame”.

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B. - autonomous agent for storytelling from sarablank on Vimeo.

B. is the result of a research on interactive storytelling. A contamination between video games and creative writing programs, that aims taking back control of a tangible approach to computational “play” in order to live the story and live the game.

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Transition Town from sarablank on Vimeo.

Transition Town is a project that relies on smart cities and social housing concepts.
It’s the design of a social and environmental wellfare, in order to create a vision of a better future. A future in which the city is able to change as the society changes, where “cooperation” is the railroad to a better living.

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vimeo-increaser from sarablank on Vimeo.

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Yaxin the Faun, Manu Arenas’ tribute and a gift to a dear friend of mine

"I wish I was…" is a project of Interactive Canvas, hopefully you’ll see something beautiful on Etsy soon <3

bikers and their diamons <3

tnks gildo &lt;3