Blank-et, hot chocolate, a good novel and a WARM IMAGINATION —
"Thou shall not is soon forgotten, but Once upon a time lasts forever."

B. - autonomous agent for storytelling from sarablank on Vimeo.

B. is the result of a research on interactive storytelling. A contamination between video games and creative writing programs, that aims taking back control of a tangible approach to computational “play” in order to live the story and live the game.

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Transition Town from sarablank on Vimeo.

Transition Town is a project that relies on smart cities and social housing concepts.
It’s the design of a social and environmental wellfare, in order to create a vision of a better future. A future in which the city is able to change as the society changes, where “cooperation” is the railroad to a better living.

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vimeo-increaser from sarablank on Vimeo.

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Yaxin the Faun, Manu Arenas’ tribute and a gift to a dear friend of mine

"I wish I was…" is a project of Interactive Canvas, hopefully you’ll see something beautiful on Etsy soon <3

bikers and their diamons <3

tnks gildo &lt;3

…keep practicing <3